Candidates : Overview

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At Spartan Resources we offer positions in advanced technologies in the fields of telecommunications, engineering, training, analysis, consulting, and more.

Spartan Advantage

We are firm believers in creating partnerships with our clients and contractors. We have built our reputation through providing professional and knowledgeable service.

Contracting vs. Direct Hire

For many, the decision to become a contractor, or a full-time employee, is a difficult one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms of employment, and it is important to be fully knowledgeable in the differences.

Contract or contractor services allow a client to request a candidate with a certain skill set for a limited time, usually for a particular project. This form of employment is beneficial to a candidate who would like the opportunity to get to know a company before committing to a permanent placement, or who are uncertain of their career path and would like to work on different types of projects.

Direct placement allows the client to request a candidate to be placed directly as an employee of the client company. This form of employment reduces flexibility but increases stability. This form of employment best suits candidates who are certain of their career path and would like to be permanently placed with one company.