Client Services : Overview

At Spartan Resources we offer a wide range of effective and flexible recruiting and staffing solutions for our clients.

These solutions are most commonly found in three different forms of employment, depending on the specific needs of the client. Although these are the most prominent and frequently requested forms, we are also willing to tailor these solutions at the request of our clients.

Each of the services described below are arranged on a 100% contingency basis. This means that there is no cost to the client if a qualified individual is not recruited and successfully placed in the client company. If we cannot find the right fit, there is no cost to the client.


Contract Employment

Contract, or consultant services, allow a client to request a candidate with a certain skill set for a limited time, usually for a particular project.
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Direct Placement

Direct placement allows the client to request a candidate to be placed directly as an employee of the client company.
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Contract to Hire

Contract to hire allows a candidate to be placed with a client in a consulting capacity, with the potential for permanent hire by the client company, at their discretion.
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